Discovery Channel – Shooting

In September 2014, I was approached by a Canadian production company, who hired my as a local European fixer (local crew member in charge of communication with locals and other things related to the countries we visited) and a part of the camera department for an upcoming TV show about the manufacturing of weapons and all other military related products. I am currently still obligated by a contract to remain silent on the details of this project, but I am looking forward to the official release and I will publish pictures from the shooting, that took place in 4 different European countries and it was one of the most interesting experiences with an international crew so far. Not by it’s complexity, but by the great balance of incredible shooting pace and professional cinematography in incredibly extreme shooting locations. I admire the work of this team I had a chance to work with and I can’t wait to show you more. Here are just a few “selfies” from set, which do not release any information about the content or details. This show is being created simultaneously all over the world, by at least two crews and is set to air on the History channel and Discovery channel internationally. I hope to get into this kind of projects again in the future. This is my second job with a Canadian production company and it was always a flawless cooperation.

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