RWE Commercials

This summer, I worked as a Camera Assistent along the best TV advertisement crew in the country. There is not much to add. The day was over before you realized it ever started. We shot two high quality commercials for the European electric utilities giant RWE in one day and I was at home on time to watch the evening news at 7:30PM. That might sound completely normal for most people, but for people working in this industry, it’s sometimes a miracle to be home early. But don’t get me wrong, we didn´t rush anything. The only reason this was possible was the fact, that these people know exactly what they’re doing, and I look up to them and admire their professionalism. Especially the DoP Tomáš Sysel and the director Daniel Růžička. Get in, get the job done and get out, but deliver the best possible product to the client. No overtime, no stress, no problems. Glad I was a part of it.


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