Markus Krug

Director, Screenwriter, Viral Creator
If you like to go big and you like to do things, that nobody has ever done before - you are my kind of person/client. Let's make people laugh, cry or think with stories that will grab their attention and make them share the experience with others.
As long as it makes sense to me - I'm on board.

It doesn't matter if it means chasing underground shady figures and thiefs at night, getting them locked up - or traveling around the globe to meet the Pope, wild gorillas, David Copperfield and jump off cliffs in New Zealand to raise money for ALS - or putting one of the best F1 cars in the world on places you would never expect to see it.

If it's fun to do, fun to watch and we can all be proud to have made it at the end -  count me in. 

With more than 130 million online views on content I have written/directed in recent years, I can't wait to see what my next challenge will look like and where it will take me.